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Exotic WC Cleaning Gel

  • Capacity: 750 ml
  • RRP: 4.40 GBP

Effectively removes limescale deposits, rust, water stains, grease and other contaminants. The thick consistency makes it remain on the surface of toilets longer, allowing for more efficient and more accurate cleaning. Ideal for removing dirt from toilet bowls and ceramic basins. Restores shine to all cleaned surfaces, leaving a pleasant scent of exotic fruits. Easy to rinse, does not scratch the surface. It should not be applied to enamel surfaces.

Product variants:

Blooming Power
Blooming Power
Code: 707003

Urzekająca woń wiosennych kwiatów.

Exotic Fruits
Exotic Fruits
Code: 707002

Radosny zapach egzotycznych owoców.